3 Benefits of Getting a Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is an ancient form of treatment that has been passed down over the years. It is a whole-body therapy that works to rejuvenate and improve your skin functioning as illustrated below.

Reduces stretch marks
Stretch marks are scarring that occur when the skin cannot go back to the original form after rigorous growth during pregnancy. A natural way of treating the scarring is by massaging the affected skin with oils. This technique has its’ roots in the ancient times. Oils are ideal for skin care and so are for to lighten stretch marks that appear on any part of the skin by keeping it hydrated the skin.

Helps tuck-in loose skin around the belly
A good regular massage on the stomach area will help increase blood flow and tighten the skin. Usually, after giving birth one is left with flabby skin which is not desirable. Despite belly fat being perceived as stubborn, having a trained professional massage you will help you get back to your pre-pregnancy shape quickly.

It helps exfoliate the skin

During pregnancy, the skin may react differently to the gushing of hormones inside the body, it could leave uneven tone and rashes on the skin. Other times, food cravings during pregnancy could cause pimples or blackheads. Concentrating the massage on the problem areas; face, feet among others will whisk away the patches by increasing the blood flow and removing the dead cells. It also facilitates an increased cell turnover promoting a healthier skin and reducing the hyperpigmentation. 

The skin is one of the largest organs and most essential in the human body. It can reveal the slightest changes or health issues we may be undergoing first hand, therefore, make sure to treat your skin to a special massage therapy to retain the glow after having a baby.

There are several benefits to massage, but check with your medical provider before starting a massage regimen, discuss with them how long postpartum you should wait before getting a massage. You should also make sure to discuss whether or not you can have a full body massage or if there are parts of your body that should not be massaged.

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